Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Parsing Truthout

From Truthout:

“Our primary sources for this report are career federal law enforcement and federal government officials speaking on condition of anonymity.”

We know that the career federal government official is Joseph Wilson.  Who is the career federal law enforcement official?  From Sam Smith’s semi-sympathetic posting on Jason Leopold (my emphasis in red):

“He is still having problems such as his recent report that Karl Rove had been indicted. Maybe his source was wrong, maybe he was being used for reasons not yet clear (such as helping the prosecutors turn Rove) and perhaps there is more to come.”

This makes sense.  Despite dragging him back and forth to the Grand Jury, Fitzgerald was obviously getting nowhere with Rove.  Did Fitzgerald’s people fear that Rove wasn’t taking their threats seriously enough?  By planting the story with the only source gullible enough to run with it, and by passing the same information to Wilson to create the appearance of dual sourcing, Fitzgerald’s office made it seem that there was credible evidence that an indictment was imminent.  The idea would be to use this to force Rove to give up somebody else.  The story got mangled in the telling, and Rove never worried about it anyway, as he knew Fitzgerald could never convict him, and he knew he had Bush’s pardon in his back pocket should the worst come to worst.  Nevertheless, the idea that this was a trick from Fitzgerald’s office makes sense, and that sourcing would explain why Truthout still cannot believe it has been had.

Fitzgerald took the pressure off himself early on by nailing Libby, but he has wasted so much time and energy with Rove that the optics of his position will mean he will need another indictment before he gives up.  My guess is one of the usual names:  Hadley, Hannah, Fleitz or Bolton.  Bolton might be a good guess, as his insanity appears to be spinning out of control (is he off his meds?), and the old-school Republicans, for whom Fitzgerald works, would like to find an excuse to get him out of a position where he can further destroy the reputation of the United States.