Monday, June 26, 2006

Western Union's war against Islam

From Cryptome, quoting Ron Suskind’s new book:

“[At a meeting with FBI, CIA and Western Union at CIA headquarters.]

Lormel talked about what a good friend Western Union has been since 9/11. Nervous Phil [a pseudonym] talked a bit about what might be done going forward. Western Union had twelve thousand offices across the globe, thirteen hundred in Pakistan alone. There was no country more important in battling the terrorists.

Everyone nodded, a show of consensus, until one of the Western Union executives had something to say.

He looked at Tenet. ‘Here's my concern,’ he said. ‘If it seems that Western Union is a global front for the CIA, we'll go out of business.’

Tenet leaned forward in his chair and dropped his ace.

‘I know we're asking a lot,’ he said. ‘But this country is in a fight for its survival. What I'm asking is that you and your company be patriots.’

After that, it was all about logistics.”


“Two weeks after Western Union officials met with Tenet, [head of Israel's Shin Bet] Dichter gave the United States a piece of intelligence to begin the process: the name of a supporter of Palestinian Islamic Jihad who was expected to wire money from Lebanon to a point somewhere in Israel. Early in April, Western Union's offices in Lebanon received the expected order. The Terrorism Section of the Department of Justice, on twenty-four hour call, kicked into gear. In an arrangement with the U.S. Federal Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, based in Alexandria, they issued an instantaneous  subpoena. It allowed Western Union - a U.S.-based company - to notify FBI and CIA about which location the money was being wired to, and who was picking it up. All of it occurred in minutes. Israeli intelligence officers were hailed. They raced, silently to the right Western Union office in Hebron, and then followed the PIJ courier to his safe house in the West Bank. From, there, electronic surveillance equipment quickly tracked communications to other cells in the Palestinian territories.” 

Any Muslim using Western Union to send money is supporting the American-Israeli war against Islam.