Thursday, June 01, 2006

Zionists lose the knack of spin

What happened to the Zionists?  They engineered what is undoubtedly the greatest PR boondoggle in the history of spin.  Israel has tanks, assault helicopters, one of the world's most powerful armies, and nuclear weapons.  It uses its power and the backing of the most powerful country in the world to steal land from the Palestinians and brutally mistreat them.  Everything Israel does is completely against international law.  It is up against some twelve-year-olds throwing rocks and some poor souls whose weapon is blowing themselves up.  Yet who is the only victim?  Israel!!!  Unbelievable.

Yet, suddenly, the Zionist spinners have lost the knack.  The war in Iraq has thrown them off their game, along with the rope-a-dope Ecce-Homo strategy of the Palestinians, whose new intifada seems to consist in taking the all the brutality the Israelis can hand out, while still surviving.  The Europeans even managed, to their eternal shame, to get into the act, signing on to the Israeli 'diet' plan.  The Palestinians still survive, and can add some Euro-guilt to their arsenal.

The main weapon of the Zionists over the years has been to hide information damaging to Israel.  The billionaire Jewish owners of the major media simply order that the truth not be published, and smaller media is dealt with by the threat of advertising boycotts by Jewish-owned businesses (the threat of these boycotts is one of the biggest dirty secrets in the North American media).  The vast majority of Americans are thus completely unaware of what is actually going on in the Occupied Territories.

The Zionists were completely taken aback by the Emperor's-new-clothes revelation of the power of the Israel Lobby, as if they never thought it possible that anyone would dare mention the most obvious fact in the world.  For some baffling reason, the Zionists decided to tackle the issue head-on.  Disaster!  Chomsky wrote the stupidest thing he's ever written in a vain attempt to refute it, and Dershowitz, who must be some sort of cretin, relied on name-calling as his main argument.  People seeing the debate, who otherwise certainly would have been unaware of the original thesis, correctly determined that if the best the Zionists could do was call people names, the thesis must be correct, and if people like Chomsky and Dershowitz were prepared to make fools of themselves trying to refute it, the thesis must be important.

The most recent Zionist debacle has been the lies printed by the National Post concerning sumptuary laws in Iran.  Iran has a legislature and publishes its laws, so it should have been the easiest thing in the world to confirm the story.  Instead, the Post decided to confirm the story entirely from one main source, the Simon Wiesenthal Center (they also claim to have asked two local Iranian exiles, who 'believed' it to be true).  In the context of the fact that there is an obvious North American Zionist campaign to force a war against Iran, this isn't just a profound breach of journalistic ethics, it is practically criminal.  How did the Zionists who run the Post possibly think they were going to get away with it?

I think the Zionists are simply suffering from too much success and power.   They have controlled all the media for so long that the Post editors thought they could publish any propaganda nonsense they liked about Iran, gussy it up with images from Nazi Germany, and get away with it.  It was inconceivable to them that anyone would be in a position to challenge them.  The world has changed.  There are new outlets for the truth.  Perhaps more importantly, the hopeless war in Iraq, which Americans were fooled into due to the trickery of the Lobby, has created a fertile field in the United States for the seeds of truth to grow.  The alternative media on the internet can reveal the truth, and some outlets in the mainstream media are compelled to publish it.  The upshot is that nobody will ever be able to read anything published by the Post without considerable scepticism, if not outright bemusement, and Zionist warmongering against Iran has been revealed for what it is.  As is so often the case, too much power creates an arrogance which leads to the loss of power.