Thursday, July 20, 2006

The advantages

I’ve been relatively quiet in writing about the current Israeli crimes, as I find it difficult to compete with the eloquence of the IDF – shouldn’t that be IOF? – in painting a picture of what I feel about Israel.  We have long passed the point at which any ‘case’ can be made for Israel, and long passed the point at which the cost of Israel to the world exceeds any possible benefit of its continued existence (for example, which taxpayers do you think will pay for the reconstruction of all the Lebanese infrastructure destroyed by Israel?).  The colonialist logic of Zionism means that the Lebanon/Gaza example is the ongoing model for Israeli adventurism.  Oh sure, they’ll back off for a while, regroup, take the plaudits of the international media and politicians on how reasonable and balanced their response has been, and then set out again with a new set of outrages.  The plan has always been the ratchet:  they never fall back, but keep pushing the boundaries of what is politically acceptable, with each step along the path more and more violent.  Who would have thought that they would ever be able to get away with another attack on civilians in Lebanon, Lebanon being the model of rebuilding after years of sectarian violence, much of it caused by Israel? The worst the world can say about it is that it is ‘disproportionate’, as if Israel has miscalculated how many civilians it is allowed to murder, as if collective punishment is OK as long as we don’t notice it too much.  The Nazis had exactly the same problem:  killing all the residents of a village is ‘disproportionate’.  They should have killed half, and we could call them humanitarians.

On the other hand, and not forgetting all the dead people, the results of these latest adventures are not all bad:

  1. Hezbollah has greatly increased its popularity in Lebanon, as people who were afraid it was too radical now see it as the only group strong enough to defend Lebanon, with the official Lebanese government embarrassingly ineffective.  Hezbollah invited this attack, seeing a weakness in Israel with its overreaction to the capture of one Israeli soldier.  The Israelis have complied by attacking the legitimacy of the central government, Hezbollah’s enemy (how dumb is that?)  Hezbollah wants Israel to attempt to attack it on Lebanese soil, knowing that Israel will fail just as it did the last time.
  2. Hezbollah has conclusively demonstrated that it has the best of both worlds:  an insurgency which cannot be defeated by a traditional army, but which is capable of operating the most sophisticated military equipment (missiles, shaped anti-tank charges, drones).  The Israeli generals are still cluelessly treating it like a regular army, assuming that they can defeat it by destroying infrastructure.  Israelis now will always have the knowledge that they can be hit by real missiles from a real enemy at any time.
  3. The IDF has shown not the slightest discomfort in using high technology weapons directed at obvious civilian targets.  This disproves the thesis of Martin van Creveld (of all people), who felt that such attacks would be destructively demoralizing to an army.  Van Creveld, coming from a completely racist country, failed to take into account the power of racism as a motivational factor for those committing war crimes.
  4. The Israeli generals and the neocons would like to turn this into WW III, but it ain’t going to happen.  The Americans are clearly signaling the boundaries, which are limited in time and limited to Lebanon.  The timing of the Israeli crimes was particularly stupid, as Bush had to wander around the G-8 meeting getting the skunk eye from everybody – except Harper, who is now making a big show of participating in the evacuation of Canadians from Lebanon as his handlers realized that Harper’s Israel-über-alles stance actually led directly to the slow Canadian evacuation response, as Harper had tried to pretend nothing bad was happening - while incoherently muttering that Israel has the right to defend itself (the Jewish Billionaires Club is so far up the asses of Bush and Harper that they fart in Hebrew).  It is clear to the Bush Administration that there is no appetite anywhere, including in the American heartland, for another disastrous war, particularly one that would directly lead to a massive world recession – one that could be directly blamed on the Bush Administration - due to energy prices. 
  5. Arabs can now clearly see that they have no friends, not in North America, not even in Europe, and certainly not amongst the leaders in the Middle East (with the exception of Iran and Syria, who obviously have to keep a low profile).  It is useful to know that you are on your own, and have to defend yourself on your own.
  6. On the other hand, world opinion, by which I mean the opinion of human beings, rather than corporations and politicians, is clearly with the real victims, the Palestinians and Lebanese.  The truth is getting through.  The current set of Israeli crimes is so over-the-top outrageous, indefensible by any standards except for mad-dog blood-dripping-from-fangs Zionist standards, that even the massive efforts of the disgusting American media to hide it are failing.  When you force people to defend the indefensible, you permanently destroy their reputation.
  7. While the neocons are still very powerful, it is clear that the Israel Lobby thesis has weakened them considerably.  Who would have thought that milquetoast Juan Williams would have the balls to speak truth to power against the increasingly unhinged Bill Kristol?  Who would have thought Lou Dobbs would dare write an article criticizing American support for Israel?  Who would have thought that the Americans would be backing away from war?
  8. Israel had absolutely everything going for it before its recent attacks.  The never-ending support of the world’s only superpower, full control of all American politicians through the Israel Lobby, and full control of the disgusting American media (still continuing, as anyone observing the American media would think that the entire confrontation was caused by an unprovoked series of rocket attacks by Hezbollah against poor innocent Israeli civilians!).  Every day, the Israelis increased the size of illegal settlements, uprooted more centuries-old olive trees, extended the illegal Apartheid Wall, separated more farmers from their land, and ground the Palestinians down with starvation and checkpoints and poverty.  The long-term Plan was to eventually cage the Palestinians in such suffering that they would ‘voluntarily’ leave (just like in the 1940’s, when they ‘voluntarily’ left due to violence and the threat of violence!), and thus achieve the Greater Israel goal without obvious ethnic cleansing.  At the same time, Syria was being slowly set up for a war by the Americans using the same steps that led to the Zionist war against Iraq:  sanctions led by the United Nations (which is the sole reason why Bolton is there), followed by a ‘coalition of the willing’ covering for another Zionist trick of an American attack on a sovereign country.  Everything was proceeding as planned, except the generals and the neocons got impatient.  If nothing else, the latest Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity represent the unilateral abandonment of a lot of Israel’s advantages while demonstrating that its geopolitical planners aren’t so smart after all.