Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Background on Lebanon

Some good background on the attack on Lebanon:

  1. A profound letter from an activist in Haifa, reprinted in Lenin’s Tomb (which has been particularly good on the entire ongoing crisis):
  2. Deep background on the Israeli relationship to the Palestinians, and how Lebanon fits in, from Alexander Cockburn;
  3. A day-by-day chronology of how Israel worked its way to its most recent attacks on Palestine and Lebanon, by Sharat G. Lin; and
  4. Since, according to Israel, the whole matter is about POW’s (and the bombing of Israel itself, which, of course, started only after Hezbollah received a considerable amount of provocation), some information on Lebanese POW’s – really civilian hostages – still being held by Israel, after 28 years, by akber at the Truth will set you Free.