Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mel's helpful musings

Prison Planet wonders whether Mel Gibson was set up in the recent story about his arrest and subsequent drunken anti-Semitic musings.  I wonder whether it was a reverse set-up.  Gibson is a Christian Zionist.  He hates Jews, but he likes Israel.  He particularly likes the fact that the conflicts in which Israel habitually engages will eventually lead to an apocalypse in the Middle East, leading to the Rapture.  Israel is in a tough propaganda situation right now, as it is difficult to justify destroying a whole country in order to obtain the release of two captured soldiers, particularly when the people you are slaughtering have nothing to do with the capture, and particularly when Israel has held Lebanese civilian hostages in its jails for years.

The obvious distraction is the usual distraction:  make the Jews look like victims of anti-Semitism.  What better way to do it but to have a celebrity’s name in the news, making just the kind of hate-filled statements that Israel has always used to justify its absurd overreactions?  ‘See how they hate us!’  ‘See how what we have to do to defend ourselves is justified!’  The timing of Mel’s outburst – just when Israel needs it the most – is just a little too convenient.