Monday, July 31, 2006

This shit's gotta stop

Here’s one of the spokesmodels for the Democrats, Joshua Micah Marshall, writing about the latest massacre at Qana (my emphasis in red):

“Since Hizbullah doesn't broadcast news of their casualties, I think the damage Israel is doing to its fighting strength on the ground is likely being understated. But I don't see how we can argue, at this point at least, that Hizbullah as a movement doesn't seem strengthened by all this. Hopefully there's some way out of this in which the underlying problem here can be solved - Lebanon's lack of control over the belligerent militia controlling its southern border.”

I repeat:  he’s writing about the massacre at Qana and the best he can come up with is that the underlying problem is “Lebanon's lack of control over the belligerent militia controlling its southern border”.  Is it not conceivable that the underlying problem might be that Lebanon needs a militia controlling its southern border because its next-door neighbor is run by psychopathic generals on a neocolonialist land-grabbing spree who don’t hesitate to use the capture to two soldiers as an excuse to destroy an entire country?  Or is that just too much for Marshall to comprehend?  This ‘belligerent militia’ was created to defend Lebanon as a result of the last attack by the psychopathic generals.  Marshall’s stupidity just demonstrates how seriously fucked up American political analysis has become, and demonstrates that the United States, under Republicans or Democrats, will continue to be a dishonest broker in the Middle East.

Qana proves, once and for all, that Israel is beyond hope.  They’ve done it before, they are doing it now, and after a short break, they will do it again.  This is completely obvious to everybody in the world, with the exception of the Israelis (who completely support the campaign of massacres), and the Americans.  This shit’s gotta stop.  But how can the average person do anything about it?  The four biggest Anglophone countries, including the only one that counts, are completely behind Israel, and the generals are completely in control of Israeli politics.  All major political parties in Israel are behind the insanity, and the logic of Zionism means that this aggression won’t stop until we are eventually in World War III, leading to an immense rise in the price of energy and a world-wide economic collapse, which in turn will lead to human suffering all over the world.  This is serious.  Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

I think we need to consider a world-wide boycott of all businesses that do business with Israel or support or promote Israeli aggression (that would include all American media outlets).  This boycott should extend to all Jewish-owned or -controlled businesses.  The diaspora has gotten away with murder over the years, secretly supporting Israeli violence but hiding behind the specter of anti-Semitism in order to avoid being blamed for it.  The situation is now so deadly serious that we can no longer afford to pander to political correctness.  The enablers of Zionism have to start to pay.

Boycotting Jewish businesses sounds entirely unfair, and it is.  There should be a way out.  We need some kind of international body to identify all Jewish-owned or -controlled businesses and allow them to escape the boycott by making a public statement disclaiming Zionism and Israeli violence, preferably coupled with a generous contribution to humanitarian relief for the victims of Zionist violence.  The international body should be able to certify if a business is subject to the boycott or not, and should license a logo which complying businesses can put on their products so that decent human beings can buy them.  The Americans, of course, have made such a boycott illegal, but they can’t prevent every moral person in the rest of the world from doing the right thing, particularly if it is easy to identify which businesses to boycott. 

This issue has become so serious, not just for humanitarian reasons but for self-preservation of the rest of the world, that the most desperate measures to put a stop to Zionism are called for.  The boycott can end when Israel agrees to its 1967 borders, allows the Palestinians to have a full state, and stops killing people and influencing the Americans to kill people on Israel’s behalf.