Saturday, August 12, 2006

Anti-Zionist boycott follow-up

YayaCanada picks up the discussion of the anti-Zionist boycott.  It is important to follow up on this issue now, while the world can still see the images of an entire country destroyed by land-and-water-stealing racist madmen, all operating under the political shelter created by a small number of very wealthy North American Jews (I’m sorry to have to put it so starkly, but that is the sad truth, and while I’m making you mad, you might as well look at some calming cartoons:  this one – or here - found via YayaCanada, and this one, from  Otherwise, Israel will withdraw, lick its wounds, and prepare for the next in an ongoing series of outrages.  The only leverage we have, in the complete absence of any shred of integrity in the politicians taken hostage by Zionism, is to attack the underpinnings of Zionism by attacking those who make Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity possible.  You can see the real motivations behind those who have denied the Israel Lobby thesis (and in the light of the machinations over the withdrawal resolution, those who denied the Israel Lobby thesis have been conclusively proved to be fools or liars, or worse):  protecting the plutocrats who make Zionist crimes possible.

Once Israel withdraws, assuming it does (and the only real reason it will withdraw is to avoid embarrassment at the hands of Hezbollah fighters, proving once again that the only friend the Arabs have is their ability to fight back), the political commentators will fall all over themselves praising Israel for its ‘restraint’, while the Palestinians will continue to receive their daily dose of Lebanon treatment, invisible to most of the world media.  Jenin and Qana were pretty much the same as massacres go, with Jenin falling into obscurity and Qana becoming a wake-up call for many who have failed to pay attention to what Israel is really doing.  The reason for this discrepancy is three-fold:

  1. The Lebanese have access to media channels that are not available to the Palestinians, and the world saw the slaughter.
  2. Everyone can empathize with the plight of the Lebanese, who went to bed one night feeling safe and secure as they fought to modernize their country, and woke up the next morning under the rubble caused by an unprovoked and irrational and illegal attack.  If it could happen to Beirut, it could happen anywhere.
  3. Jesus the Magician performed one of his best tricks at Cana.

Israel has no set borders because, as far as Zionism is concerned, the real borders of Israel are the Nile and the Euphrates, or at least as much of that territory that the Zionists can get away with stealing.  The original UN mandated borders weren’t enough, the 1967 borders weren’t enough, Israel and the Occupied Territories isn’t enough, Israel up to the Litani River isn’t enough.  Nothing is enough.   They won’t – probably can’t – stop until they are stopped, and the only way I can see to stop them is for individuals to take personal action to make it clear that the human beings in the world – as opposed to the politicians, the media, and the corporations – won’t put up with it any longer.