Monday, August 07, 2006

The anti-Zionist boycott

The world faces a set of unique circumstances which make a boycott of business leaders and businesses that support Israel and Zionism both possible, and necessary:

  1. Since the first settlers were allowed to live in the Occupied Territories, Israel’s crimes have continued to escalate, and the latest attack on the civilian population and infrastructure of Lebanon proves that Israel is beyond redemption.  I remember noting that the optimism over the last Israeli election results was misplaced, and the tragedy is that there is now no real opposition in Israel to the worst excesses of the extreme Israeli right, represented by the generals, which has become mainstream Israeli thinking.  No opposition from political parties, and no opposition from the people.  The only real opposition is that the brutalization of Lebanon isn’t brutal enough.  Israel is like a serial killer that has psychologically worked its way up to mass murder.  There is no cure.  When Israel eventually partly withdraws from Lebanon, it will just be the usual temporary ‘ratchet’ measure, a PR move intended to set the stage for the next outrage.
  2. Israel is inevitably going to pull the world into World War Three, the Energy War, a certainty which is so important that it calls for emergency measures to stop it.  Even leaving aside self-interest, every decent human being has an obligation to attempt to stop the kind of crimes being committed in the name of Zionism against the peoples of Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine, not to mention whoever is next on the list.
  3. The world community has proven itself to be completely useless, or worse than useless, in answering the challenge of Israeli crimes.  The current American and French – the French appear to have set themselves up for some big terrorism attacks, which, frankly, will be well deserved – ceasefire proposal is some kind of joke, and looks like it was written by the American neocons with the help of the Israeli generals.  We have seen the beginnings of the Euro pusillanimity in its bizarre choice to support the Israeli ‘diet plan’ for the Palestinians because they had the temerity to exercise the democracy supposedly granted to them by the Americans and vote for who they wanted to lead them.  There are no longer any ‘honest brokers’.  The average people in the world cannot rely on their governments or on international organizations to do the right thing.
  4. On the positive side, the problem has a single source, and a single vulnerability.  Israel is able to do what it does solely because of support from the Anglophone world, particularly the United States, and the craven inability of Europe to put up any kind of opposition to American policies.  The American situation, closely paralleled in the UK and Canada, is that the government is run by a relatively small number of Zionists, who control key bureaucratic positions, key politicians (Bush and Blair), and all the media.  In the United States, Zionists have a stranglehold over both political parties, with the Democrats actually much more corrupted than the Republicans.  The politicians are beyond redemption – Bush and particularly Blair are religiously insane – but the peculiar intensity of the pressure leaves a particular vulnerability.  
  5. A boycott clearly directed at business leaders and businesses that support Zionism has a chance to cut Zionism off at the knees.  This boycott would be directed at anyone who has shown support for either Israel or Zionist policies – we can no longer afford to play along with the Zionist lie that there is a difference between Israel and Zionist colonialism –  including support for any of the usual suspect lobby groups (and almost all lobby groups associated with support for Israel are suspect).  Anyone who participates in any of the recent rallies ‘standing’ for Israel, which is essentially aiding and abetting massive war crimes, should be on the list.  Note that this boycott is not directed at Jews – the obvious attack which this proposal will receive – as it applies to Christian Zionists as well as Jewish Zionists, and anyone - Christian, Jew or Hindu - can get off the list by denouncing Zionism and Israeli colonialism, pledging to work towards Israel being limited to its 1967 borders next to a full Palestinian state, and, depending on how much support has been given to Zionist organizations in the past, making a generous compensatory donation to Palestinian/Lebanese relief efforts.
  6. The world is seriously engaged on this issue, and I’m sure this would be a popular boycott (needless to say, a full boycott against Israel itself – including academic and investment divestment boycotts - would be a part of the program, but would not succeed unless we can cut off American government and media support for Israel, simply because American support is the real reason Israel survives as a colonialist power).  People want to do something, realize their own governments are corrupted or worse than useless, but need information in order to boycott effectively.  What we require to go forward is a full list of all the financial supporters of Zionism, and the businesses with which they are associated, so we can know where to make our purchasing decisions.  Publicly-traded corporations would no longer be able to be associated with Zionists, as it would depress their share prices.  It should be possible for businesses to obtain some kind of certification from an international body of being free of Zionist supporters, thus allowing moral individuals to purchase their products.
  7. In the case of media outlets, where Zionist lies help to hide the worst outrages, we need list of advertisers, so that we can threaten to boycott the advertisers on the worst offending media outlets.  This will take some time as, in the case of the United States, all media outlets are corrupted.  Nevertheless, those outlets that attempt to tell the truth should be rewarded by not having their advertisers on the secondary boycott list.

We can and should get our placards and march around in a circle, but until the American government/Zionist/Israel nexus is broken, the Israeli generals will just laugh at us.  This is why it is so critically important to fight the closet Zionist idea that what Israel does is at the instance of the American establishment, or is merely part of a covert war over oil, a classic example of getting the cart and the horse mixed up.  The only way to put an end to Israeli colonialism, and to prevent World War Three, is to hurt the supporters of Zionism financially.  The fact that this is the only way to stop Zionism is proof of the real power relations between the parties.  The Noams of the world can issue all the letters they want claiming how upset they are over Lebanon, and it won’t make a tinker’s damn of difference.  A boycott of Zionists will work.