Sunday, August 06, 2006

A joke at a useful time

Rick Salutin, the only sane Globe and Mail columnist left, on Mel Gibson and the Zionist misuse of anti-Semitism:

“At last we know what Mel Gibson is anti-Semitic about. He doesn't abhor Jews because they killed Christ, though his film clearly depicted them that way. It's because they have a veto (he thinks) on his Hollywood projects.

And now, due to his drunken outburst on a California highway, more Lebanese villagers will be bombed and uprooted. I mean this symbolically, in the sense that generations of Arabs have had to pay for two millenniums of Christian anti-Semitism in Europe, once ‘the West’ decided it owed a debt to Jews for the Holocaust.

And I mean it literally: He reinforced a sense that an ancient, ineradicable hatred of Jews lurks behind the current strife. One Hollywood agent said: ‘At a time of escalating tensions in the world, the entertainment industry cannot idly stand by and allow Mel Gibson to get away with such tragically inflammatory statements.’ Notice the link.

The history of anti-Semitism, crowned by the Holocaust, is so odious that a mere mention tends to override other factors, and even facts. For instance, this week, Marcus Gee, in The Globe and Mail, condemned ‘the refusal of the Arab world to accept a Jewish state in its midst.’ Yet, at a 2002 summit, the Arab world offered a comprehensive peace with Israel if it returned to its 1967 borders. He writes as if that never happened. It's as if a horror of anti-Semitism can eclipse reality itself, and Gibson-like outbursts help keep the fear active.”

It now looks like Mel wasn’t in on the conspiracy, but there was a conspiracy.  Mel wasn’t really drunk, but is a notorious practical joker.  He obviously isn’t an anti-Semite (Jewish publicist, Jewish bodyguard, and works with Jewish people every day of the year), but probably picked up on the fact that an arresting officer was Jewish, and decided to have a little fun.  He never expected that his little joke would be used for political purposes, but was blind-sided by the need for the American Zionist spin machine to come up with the traditional explanation for why Israel has to commit wholesale war crimes and crimes against humanity.  Thus, Mel’s joke was publicized (normally, the publicity wouldn’t go beyond the charge and an ugly mug shot;  btw, doesn’t Mel take an atypically handsome mug shot, especially as compared with the norm?), and the full court press by the usual suspects, replete with over-the-top calls for a Hollywood ban of Mel, was misused in order to provide some sorely-needed protection for the Zionist murdering state.  The message to Hollywood stars is to lay off the jokes about Jews while Israel is involved in a massive civilian slaughter (you can joke during the usual slow-motion slaughter of Palestinians). 

Watch for Mel to make a self-deprecating joke at the next Oscars, and receive a big laugh from the 85 per cent Jewish audience (the other 15 per cent being seat-fillers), proving that his joke served its purpose and everybody wants to continue to make money with the guy.