Thursday, August 31, 2006

Karr details

It was reported that authorities asked Patsy Ramsey – presumably while she was still alive – whether she was prepared to meet with the man who claimed to be JonBenet’s murderer.  We now know this person to be John Mark Karr.  The odd thing is that the authorities did not know who this man was until after Patsy’s death (see paragraphs 15 to 17 of the motion of quash the arrest warrant).

A large part of the rationalizations for the stupidities of the Boulder DA’s office relates to protecting children -Thai children – from the alleged threat caused by the predations of Karr.  Why then, once they identified him, did they allow him to stay in Thailand for a considerable period of time before he was picked up?  The Thai authorities claimed to have been following him for three weeks, during which time he could have done a lot of harm.  If the Boulder DA’s office was really concerned about protecting children, what was it waiting for?

The crime can never be solved now.  The laughing stock DA’s office wouldn’t dare mention another suspect.  In fact, preventing the solving of the murder was probably the whole point of this sorry exercise.  We are left with three coincidences:

  1. Was it a coincidence that the Karr persecution started within days of Patsy’s death?
  2. Was it a coincidence that Karr lived only a few miles away from the Ramseys while they lived in Georgia?
  3. Was it a coincidence that the Ramsey family received velvet glove treatment from the Boulder authorities – deference greater than a billionaire would have received – while John was a military contractor?