Friday, August 25, 2006

The missing moon tapes

I’ve written about the the mystery of the missing moon tapes.  The conspiracy theory is that the tapes are missing as a detailed analysis of the original high-quality tapes would show that they were faked.  The fakery was done either to cover up the fact that there was no moon landing and the money for the missions was pocketed by the military-industrial complex, or because the originals showed something we weren’t supposed to see like little green men waving behind some moon rocks (some astronauts have hinted that they saw some weird things up there).  Just as ‘pirated’ – I prefer the proper term ‘shared’ - DVD’s are made by filming a cinema screen with a camcorder, the televised moon landing films were made by pointing a film camera at a television broadcast of the original tapes, a procedure unnecessarily complex and thus inherently suspicious.

I note that any evidence left on the moon  – a visible artifact or a broadcasting transmitter – could have just as easily been left by an un-manned mission, and thus does not answer the question.

There is a letter by D Ryden in the September 2006 Fortean Times which proposes a clever compromise (I can’t find the letter on the internet).  What if the moon landing was real, and the broadcasts of the moon landing were fake.   NASA may have made a fake enactment of the landing on the eventuality that some technical problem might occur to make the live broadcast impossible.  This would have been a disaster for future NASA funding, so a studio film could have been made to fill in for the real thing.  The film broadcast to the world was intentionally degraded to hide possible flaws in the enactment, and the originals were then ‘lost’ to avoid detection. 

It is an interesting coincidence that this issue is hitting the mainstream media at the same time as the death of astrophysicist James Van Allen, who believed that manned spaceflight would be impossible due to radiation in the Van Allen belts (see here).