Thursday, August 17, 2006

More on the Ramsey patsy

Thai authorities are now claiming the suspect to the Ramsey murder confessed, saying it was an accident as a result of a botched kidnapping.  This comes from Immigration Police chief Lieutenant-General Suwat Tumroungsiskul, the same guy who had previously said that the suspect had denied any connection to the murder. This ‘confession’ isn’t even coherent as, whatever it was, the incident wasn’t a kidnapping, although it appears to be an amateur attempt by someone inside the house to make it look like a kidnapping.  The fact that the ‘confession’ follows the Official Story kidnapping theory tells us that the patsy is being forced into taking the fall based on the Ramsey family view of the crime.  Whoever is behind this has enough power to manipulate the Thai authorities. 

Since every American, and thus every prospective juror, has now heard of the patsy’s ‘confession’, even if it is ruled inadmissible due to coercion or worse applied by Thai authorities, the patsy has no chance of getting a fair trial.