Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pro-Peace Investment Strategy for the Middle East

The largest Protestant church in Canada, The United Church of Canada, has adopted a divestment strategy, although, under enormous pressure from the Lobby (represented by the Canadian Jewish Congress and others) it is not allowed to use the code word ‘divestment’, but is using the convoluted phrase ‘Pro-Peace Investment Strategy for the Middle East’.  If you read the definition of ‘non-peaceful pursuits’, however, it is completely clear that this is an anti-occupation divestment strategy (see comment to the August 27, 2006 entry here).  The results of the lobbying are being heavily spun by the Zionist media (the headline has very little to do with the contents of the article, and is in fact misleading).  Note how terrified they are of the word ‘divestment’, which is to Zionists what garlic is to vampires.

The United Church of Canada is possibly the most liberal large church in the world (American Christian Zionists would have a heart attack over much of this), and the only surprise is that it has taken it this long to come around to the only possible moral – and Christian – position.