Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ramsey patsy

Sometimes when you get the title for a blog posting, the thing just writes itself.  They’ve picked up a patsy named John Karr for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.  How do I know he is a patsy?:

  1. The original reports said he was in jail in Thailand on unrelated sex charges.  This is untrue, as they arrested him at his apartment, and there were no charges (the confusion is even noted here).  Who gave the press misleading, and rather specific and prejudicial, information?  “Federal officials in the United States, speaking on condition of anonymity.”  The story is obviously being managed.
  2. He had a child porn rap, which makes him a perfect patsy for this kind of crime.
  3. His ex-wife alibis him.
  4. He had lived in Georgia at the same time the Ramseys had lived in Georgia, near their home.  John Ramsey denies knowing him, but leaves open the question of whether Patsy did.  If she knew about his criminal past, he would make the perfect patsy for Patsy.
  5. Thai officials are unequivocal in stating that the suspect denied all allegations;  hints of confession come only from anonymous American officials.
  6. Reading between the lines, it is fairly clear that she set him up.  The arrest was based on information that only the murderer would have known, based on communication on the internet between him and someone in Boulder:

Thai police said that when Karr was arrested, he denied any involvement in JonBenet's slaying. But a source close to the investigation in the U.S. said Karr confessed to certain elements of the crime. Also, a law enforcement source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the AP that Karr had been communicating periodically with somebody in Boulder who had been following the case and cooperating with law enforcement officials.”

That someone would be Patsy (both John and Patsy were ‘consulted’ during the course of the investigation), before the family moved away.  Of course, she would also know information that only the killer would know (!), and may have enticed him by asking him to help her (his ex-wife says he researched both this case and the Klaas case).  Making contact with a vulnerable guy she knew from Georgia is the final piece of the pattern which began with an obviously staged crime scene, manipulated to hide what really happened.  She leads him on, provides him with information which only the killer would know, and mentions his name to the police, helpfully pointing out that he is a convicted sex offender who knew the family in Georgia.  John confirms that the Boulder police had informed them of the investigation of the patsy before Patsy died.  He death is very convenient, as it is now impossible to question her.  She must have been happy approaching death that the last part of the cover-up was falling into place, and just awaited her death and the patsy being in a suspicious place like Thailand.  With a convicted patsy, the real perp would be home free (so to speak).

Don’t be fooled when they claim to have a DNA match, as they would have collected DNA when they arrested him on the child porn charge (which makes you wonder why that DNA didn’t come up on a standard match when they searched the databases).  The conspiracy in this matter goes to a very high level.  I’m surprised – well, no, not really – that nobody has tried to connect John Ramsey’s connections to the Pentagon to the bafflingly shoddy police work and the myriad problems with the official story.  Whoever managed this story had a lot of pull.  I have no idea who committed the original crime – although I could take a guess as to who a mother might want to cover for – but I know this entire story is just as suspicious as it has always been.