Friday, August 04, 2006

Spontaneous human explosion

Watching the Democrats spin the Israeli massacre of the Lebanese people is like watching a spectator to an altercation between a 200-pound man and a six-year-old girl.  The man keeps knocking the girl down, but she gamely gets up, only to be knocked down again.  Gradually, as she struggles more and more to get up, it becomes apparent that he is killing her.  Nevertheless, the spectator, Mr. Democrat, claims to be completely oblivious to what is going on, as witness his series of comments:

  • She must have done something to provoke him;
  • Look, she held up her arm to defend herself, it’s obviously a fair fight;
  • These issues are too complicated for any outside observer to understand;
  • We have to let them work out their own problems (although the man is using American brass knuckles supplied with the approval of Mr. Democrat);
  • There are thousands of years of conflict behind this, and we have no role to play;
  • It all comes down to ‘He said, she said’;  who knows who is right and who is wrong?

Of course, the analogy is faulty, as we would have to add that the 200-pound man’s brother, Mr. Israel Lobby, is standing beside Mr. Democrat handing him one hundred dollar bills, and whispering, “You won’t get any more unless you support the man”.  The rationalizations of a position that you are taking solely because you are being bribed are sickening.  I’ve cleaned up my blogroll to remove some of the worst offenders (I note that Defense Tech, not a Democrat blog, actually seemed to be getting a sexual thrill describing the technology Israel was using to murder Lebanese civilians).

Mr. Democrat’s position is even more sickening when you consider that the American public is against what Israel is doing.  Despite the heavy spin of the Los Angeles Times (not to mention a lying headline), their recent poll shows that 43% of Americans feel the Israeli actions are justified and not excessively harsh, while 44% think those actions are either unjustified or excessively harsh.  You have to read this poll in the light of the fact that the mainstream American media depicts the conflict as the unprovoked attack by Arab ‘terrorists’ on innocent Israeli civilians, attacks shown in massive detail, along with veiled rumors that Arabs are suffering from something akin to spontaneous human explosion, cause unknown.  Despite the lying news coverage, the truth is sneaking through.  The only lesson to be taken from this is that the Democrats are doing this rationalization solely for money, and not for political support.  They make the Republicans look ethical.

By the way, doesn’t the current situation make those who denied the Israel Lobby thesis look positively foolish? 

In Canada, ‘Steve’ – what Bush, but nobody else, calls him, so ‘Steve’ it is  – Harper, who wanted nothing more in life than to win a majority government in the next election, has kissed it all away mostly because of his bizarre Israel-über-alles position on the conflict.  Canada has probably the closest connection to Lebanon of any country in the world, but Harper could see no wrong in Israel, and it will probably cost him enough votes in Quebec and Ontario to make him a political failure.  Harper’s position was so insane that when a Canadian career soldier serving as a UN observer was murdered by Israeli bombardment, Harper complained that it was the UN’s fault for having the observers where they were, as if they should be observing from a safe place far away where they couldn’t see anything!  How much has the Israel Lobby agreed to pay him, anyway?

I can’t forget Blair, a man who should have been deposed by his spineless colleagues months ago, colleagues who are now in open revolt.  As I predicted, leaving Blair around was a dangerous mistake, and the time is now to get rid of him, and turn him over to a war crimes tribunal for conviction and sentencing.

The massacre at Qana was a huge world-shifting turning point, and the Israelis, and their apologists, are terrified of it.  That explains the continuing efforts to spin the massacre, with arguments that it was a set-up, with the bodies shipped in by Hezbollah to fake an Israeli attack, or that there were missiles firing from there, a position so untenable that even the Israeli government is too ashamed to make it.  The weak attempts at lying their way around it don’t fool anybody except those who want to be fooled, and alert everybody else to the enormity of the crime.  Qana woke up the entire world, including even the Americans, to the realities of the conflict with Lebanon, not to mention the conflict with the Palestinians.  The Israelis have lost so much support on just this one incident that it will go down as a turning point in the history of Israel.  That makes this an important time to provide the people – as opposed to their governments, corrupted by the Israel Lobby, and their media, spinning mightily, but with decreasing effect, for Israel – with something they can do.  The boycott.  Of which more anon.