Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another Israeli catch and release

As part of the never-ending pattern, yet another Israeli national, another young male in a van, has been caught surveilling a possible terrorist target, and, needless to say, quickly released (had it been an American citizen who happened to be Muslim, he would have been in jail for months, if not forever).  This time it was the Fort McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore.  Police actually had to chase him to apprehend him (and he did not immediately produce his international license, as if he was hoping not to have to blow his identity), and found a laptop computer and a digital camera, but, unusual for an Israeli van (are vans required equipment for Israeli spies?), no evidence of explosives.  He went through the tunnel at least twice, as the person who reported him to the police saw him going through the tunnel and again as he returned in the opposite direction back towards the tunnel (his efforts at photography must have been obvious to have attracted the attention of the witness).  Although he said he was visiting friends in the Washington area, the van had Connecticut license plates (the owner confirmed he was authorized to use the van).  There is no indication that there was any investigation of the owner of the van or his ‘friends’ near Washington.  He was released after the local police had talked to “all the appropriate agencies” about him, when they no doubt received the orders from on high to let him go.