Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Corn on Plame

David Corn regurgitates the official CIA position on the importance of Plame, and the blogs fall into line because they have decided they like the CIA over the Bush Administration in the ongoing CIA/Cheney turf war being played out over the Plame matter.  Corn has written a biography of Ted Shackley, with the assistance of the CIA and Shackley himself.  However much he denies it, it is impossible that Corn was allowed this access unless he was/is an asset (the media asset problem is huge, and you have to wonder whether Cooper’s surprisingly negative coverage of the Bush response to Katrina was just another part of the turf war).  Corn’s new book – written with no less than freakin’ Michael Isikoff! – follows the same CIA path.  Believe him if you want – I wouldn’t, and Corn is definitely no friend of truthseekers – but the nature of his attack on the Bush Administration will convince nobody except those already convinced. 

I note that Corn doesn’t deal with the allegation that Plame’s cover had already been blown at the time the Bush Administration started to throw her name around.  Even if he disputes this, he has an obligation to deal with it (I haven’t read the book, and can’t comment on whether he deals with this important issue there).