Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Does religious conversion make you angry?

Ramzy Baroud raises questions about the kidnapping of the two Fox journalists in Gaza (although he has the names of both of them wrong:  they are Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig).  The shadowy and hitherto unknown group which took responsibility for the incident, the over-the-top demand for the release of all Muslims imprisoned by the U.S. (hardly the most pressing issue in Gaza!), and the bizarre forced ‘conversion’ to Islam, all stand out.  It is notable that the journalists involved, although employees of Fox, were real journalists sympathetic to the Palestinians, who attempted non-propaganda reporting in Gaza, unheard of for Fox (this follows the examples we’ve seen in Iraq, where the Western kidnap victims are almost always obviously friendly to the Iraqi people).  They were originally handcuffed using plastic ties, which sounds like something used by a professional police or military force, not a rag-tag unknown insurgent group.

The conversion angle is guaranteed to make right-wing American Christians angry, and is paralleled by the recent tape of fake al Qaeda Adam Gadahn, who, with all the outrages against Islam he could have discussed, decided to focus on conversion of Christians to Islam.  The Zionists seem to have picked conversion as the hot button to push to keep the Christian Zionists on the reservation.  I’ve been listening to the shortwave radio, and note that a lot of the Christian Zionists are phoning talk shows reporting themselves ‘confused’ on what happened in Lebanon, as Biblical prophesy tells them that Israel can never lose.  Manipulating Christian Zionists to support Israeli colonialism is a tricky business, like trying to herd cats.