Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Golden Age of Anti-Semitism

Here is some rare common sense, a comment by Martin Woollacott, on the prospects for war with Iran.  We are yet again in a period where everyone is screaming that an attack in Iran is imminent.  What nonsense!  I can’t comment on Israel, as Israeli sanity has been put into severe question by its recent Lebanon adventure, but, as I have been repeating for months as we pass each successive deadline that pundits predict as the certain date of the American attack on Iran, there is absolutely no chance that the United States will attack Iran, for the same reasons as always.  Iran is geographically located such that it can block much of the world’s oil, causing a catastrophic rise in prices, and a massive world recession.  Iran can also cause huge amounts of retaliatory mischief, in Iraq, the Middle East, and around the world.  There is no prospect of removing the current Iranian leadership, which will only be strengthened by an attempt to do so.  Any attack on Iran is simply not possible.

This is such a serious issue that the unthinkable, that the United States might stand up and stop Israel from an attack, even using military means to do so, is possible.  The ‘Establishment’ – you know, the shadowy group that Chomsky circularly claims is responsible for all the evil in the world, including that evil done by Israel and its American agents in the Bush Administration – will wake up and save itself.  We have seen a small amount of evidence of that awakening during the attack on Lebanon, where Rice was sent to talk Establishment common sense with the Israelis.  Israel’s answer was to bomb Qana, a slap in the face to Rice and the Establishment which will not be forgotten (and which was immediately regretted in Israel, which explains much of the systematic lying over Qana). 

If any attack were to take place, the usual Zionist gatekeepers like Chomsky and Zune won’t be able to hide the truth any longer:  everybody will know who was behind it.  We will enter the Golden Age of Anti-Semitism.  With hundreds of thousands – even millions – of people newly laid off in the United States, you’ll be able to go into American gun shops and buy ammo specifically made for Jew hunting.  It won’t be pretty. Fortunately for everybody, the chances of an attack on Iran by anybody are close to zero.

I know those warning about war mean well, but there is a serious danger that unnecessary alarm plays into the hands of the neocons.  The constant talk of war follows along the neocon class of civilizations road, and makes it even more difficult to deal with the Iranians, and the entire Middle East, in a reasonable manner.  Just like with Iraq, the neocon plan is to keep the drums of war beating, and then hope for a spot of good luck – and sometimes, as with September 11, you make your own luck! – to trick the American people into doing something stupid.