Sunday, September 10, 2006

Retalix and the Israeli Dallas spy cell

Postman Patel excerpts a part from the DEA report on the pre-9–11 actions of the Israeli spy ring, showing how members of the Dallas cell purported to be connected to an Israeli firm named Retalix, which makes product scanners for retail outlets.   Postman Patel notes that Retalix is working with a company called Pay By Touch to develop biometrics to replace cash and credit cards for retail payments.  If Retalix was a willing front for Israeli spying (of course, it might have been unaware that the spies were using its name, but you have to wonder why they chose that particular name, and whether Retalix would have vouched for them), we have to be open to the fact that once biometics is fully in place for retail payments, the Mossad could have access to all information on such payments, with the accompanying possibilities for blackmail and other shenanigans (including financing itself by lifting money from bank accounts). 

It is interesting how often Israeli firms connected with security come up when we dig even a little into the story of September 11.  In fact, it appears that all the security connected with September 11 was being run by firms connected with Israel.  It must be a coincidence.