Saturday, September 09, 2006

Some recent DOE Network entries

Some recent DOE Network entries:

  1. Jimmy Hoffa
  2. Edward Andrews
  3. Annie Laurie Swaim Hearin
  4. Cynthia May Hernandez
  5. Lord Lucan
  6. Unidentified White Female located in Caledonia, Livingston County, New York
  7. Johnny Gosch (on recent developments, see the thread at, especially the debunking comments of ‘Johno’)
  8. Unidentified White Female located in the Nation River near Casselman, Ontario
  9. Unidentified Female, possibly a spy, located in Isdalen, Norway
  10. Melissa Suzanne Highsmith (practically the folk-tale stranger abduction)
  11. Anne Marie Fahey
  12. Georg Weber, et al.