Wednesday, September 20, 2006

William Arkin throws it all away

Read these two amazing articles by William Arkin on how Israel’s attack on Lebanon was moral and Lebanese attempts to defend itself were immoral (each one chock-a-block with easily demonstrable lies, although the second one is a slight attempt to mitigate the outrageousness of the first), and then read this article on cluster bombs by Patrick Cockburn.  Then answer the following skill-testing question:  William Arkin is:

  1. a liar;
  2. out of his mind;
  3. a Zionist; or
  4. all of the above.

Arkin used to have a bit of a reputation for credibility, but has decided to throw it all away for Zionism.  You never get your reputation back.  Pity.  The only thing you can do about people like this is to simply stop reading them.  If he is prepared to lie like this when the lies are so obvious, how can you trust anything he writes?