Thursday, October 19, 2006

Free speech on the internet, R. I. P.

The biggest single problem for the International Zionist Cabal is the internet.  Before the internet, there was no useful way to present the truth, and we have seen Israel grow into a monster, with all news of its horrors suppressed by the mainstream media (the lack of press coverage, which allowed the crazies to run unchecked, has done fatal damage to Israel’s real interests).  Following up on the last words of this posting, one of the main Cabal-meisters, Michael Chertoff, is setting the table for the end of free discussion on the internet.  Since there will be no way to distinguish ‘disaffected’ future radicals from everybody else, the internet will be slowly – or not so slowly – squeezed out of existence.  By the time people get around to noticing, the internet will be limited to being another method to sell stuff.

I intend to write about why Zionism, of all the crazed nationalisms in the world, is uniquely dangerous. There are, for example, insane Greater Pakistan nationalists who would like to see Pakistan extend over much of India and all the way from Turkey to China.  It won’t happen.  In contrast, International Zionism has one of its key operatives installed as the head of American Homeland Security.  Chertoff has real power, and can do serious damage to free speech (as well as every other kind of freedom that might possibly even slightly interfere with the progress of the Zionist Project).  Ending the internet as we know it is one of the reasons that Zionsim is uniquely dangerous.