Friday, October 27, 2006

Israeli agents provocateurs and the European riots

Wayne Madsen has been writing about the use of agents provocateurs in causing riots in Europe, riots which right-wingers in Europe and the United States are using to promote the usual ‘clash of civilizations’ Islamophobia.  It is quite clear that the French police, under the direction of Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, a Jew, are doing whatever they can to cause the riots to occur (also see the Wayne Madsen Report for October 26, 2006).  Sarkozy can simultaneously polish his law-and-order credentials, advance his political prospects, create alarm over Islam in Europe, and advance the Israeli cause of scaring French Jews into moving to Israel.  Sarkozy is using the anniversary of the riots to publicly announce that the media shouldn’t make a big deal out of the situation (as presumably making a big deal out of the situation is reserved for Sarkozy himself).

Now Madsen is reporting that Udo Ulfkotte has written a book published in Germany connecting the riots directly to provocations caused by Israeli intelligence units.  The French suburbs are a tinder box of resentment caused by poverty, unemployment, and racism.  It would be very easy for an agent provocateur, simply by tossing a stone at a group of policemen and disappearing into the crowd, to create a riot really caused by social problems, a riot which the Zionists can then blame on radical Islam and the ‘clash of civilizations’.

Ulfkotte is a vehement opponent of Islamist influence in Europe (and yet another guy wrong about the supposed attack on Iran), and particularly connections between European security agencies and Islamist radicals around the world, so his conclusions about Israeli involvement, which seem to undermine his general position, are very strong.

Notice how Zionism is the only nationalism whose propaganda war impacts detrimentally on the lives of people all over the world, including Europe.  The Zionist imperative of promoting the ‘clash of civilizations’ to allow it to steal land from Muslims requires bad ideas which ruin lives everywhere.