Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ali Mohamed and Patrick Fitzgerald

Over the years, there has been a lot of disinfomation planted about Mafia involvement in the JFK assassination.  The Mafia can hardly defend itself, and the feint serves to hide the real guilty parties.  That same strategy is still being used, as witness this unconvincing posting by Peter Lance at The Huffington Post (you’ll note the commentators have no trouble recognizing bullshit when they see it).

Lance’s argument, as far as I can make sense of it, is that Patrick Fitzgerald ordered the lifting of surveillance over the New Jersey al Qaeda cell, surveillance that would have stopped the September 11 attacks, in order to protect a series of Mafia investigations which were imperiled by an internal affairs investigation of a possibly dirty FBI agent.  This argument doesn’t make any sense, and Lance himself doesn’t seem very sure of himself (“That's the only explanation I've been able to come up with . . .”), but I guess whatever it takes to sell a book . . . .

Lance mentions Ali Mohamed, but treats the entire Mohamed story as if he was an al Qaeda agent who had infiltrated the Pentagon (thus following the Official Story of 9–11).  It is much more likely, given his kid-gloves treatment since his arrest (and is he still in jail, or relaxing on a beach somewhere?), that Mohamed was a Pentagon agent who had infiltrated al Qaeda, and either:

  1. was doing the Pentagon’s bidding when he arranged terrorist acts; or
  2. was ‘turned’ at some time during his service, a fact unnoticed by his Pentagon handlers, and the kind of thing that needed to be covered up.

 The most likely reason why the New Jersey cell was not being investigated by the FBI is that the FBI was ordered to lay off, because an over-zealous FBI investigation might have buggered up an ongoing operation by a higher power (i. e., the Pentagon).