Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dastardly Russian poisoners

Remember the ‘Orange Revolution’?  Whatever happened to that, anyway?  And, by the way, what ever happened to the ‘Cedar Revolution’, when the fine people of America stood by the fine people of Lebanon in the Lebanese quest for freedom, and then the fine people of America stood by while the fine people of Lebanon had the shit bombed out of them by the fine people of Israel?  Funny how these things happen.

Back to the ‘Orange Revolution’.  Remember how the leader of that ‘revolution’ was elected largely on the platform that he had been poisoned by the dastardly Russians?  After the election, the Russians grew tired of being called names, and shut off the gas taps for a while (gas which went right through to Europe, making the Ukrainians some giant transfer fees on the way), causing the Ukrainians to remember that they didn’t hate the Russians so much after all.  The laughter doesn’t stop when you consider that the woman who largely funded the election of Viktor Yushchenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, made her billions from controlling the Ukrainian gas monopoly, a monopoly she was given by Yushchenko, back in the day when he was part of the corrupt government he was later to campaign against based on an anti-corruption platform (not to mention the poisoning)!  Now the guy that Yushchenko beat, the ‘corrupt’ Viktor Yanukovych, is back as Prime Minister, and Yushchenko’s popularity is less than fifteen per cent.

Oh, and if all that wasn’t enough fun, Yushchenko probably wasn’t poisoned.

Now we have another poisoning victim of the dastardly Russians, together with the requisite elaborate back story about thallium poisoning, a method favored by no less than Saddam.  The only problem is, the latest victim doesn’t have the right symptoms to have thallium poisoning.  They are now musing about radioactive thallium, but obviously haven’t got a clue and are indicating they won’t ever know (bad sushi?). Oh well, it was a good story while it lasted.  Putin was embarrassing the American so-called experts, like Dick Cheney, at the oil game, so he had to be taken down a peg.  The poisoning story allowed the victim’s scuttlebutt about Putin to make the news.