Monday, November 13, 2006


Everybody – even the mainstream media – seems to have picked up on the idea that the replacement of Rummy by Gates is an attempt by the paleocons surrounding Father Bush to finally take back some power from the neocons, and try to salvage what they can from the Iraq debacle.  There is a real fear in the Establishment – you know, the guys Noam claims, in the ultimate insane conspiracy theory, to have been running things all along, an odd idea if such drastic steps have to be taken to rescue the United States from Lobby treason – that the results of Iraq will be a permanent destruction of American military power coupled with the real potential for a grass-roots revolution across the entire Middle East, leading to the loss of literally trillions of dollars of Establishment wealth.  Thus the traditional Establishment, which has allowed the neocons and their Israel Lobby bosses to get away with murder for the past six years, have finally decided to take back the American government from the pro-Israeli traitors.

While Gates is certainly a paleocon figure from Father Bush’s circle, and the fabulous James Baker boys are working out a more conciliatory approach to the Middle East which may even involve a little diplomacy, it would be a mistake to count the neocons out completely.  We have just witnessed a rather sweet Israeli maneuver whereby the pro-Israeli Republican Congress was replaced by an even more pro-Israeli Democrat Congress, under the control of Israeli agents including Rahm Emanuel.  The rather incompetent campaign run by the Republicans, the delay in firing Rummy thus wasting the political advantage of removing him at a time when it could have done the Republicans some political good (to the fury of the party), and the failure to fully use the ‘Diebold advantage’ when the races were won on razor-thin margins, all point to an upper-level conspiracy to allow the Democrats to win.  One advantage is that the crooked voting machines will live to see another election.  Another is that Israeli policies will continue to dominate American politics.

Gates is an interesting figure.  A clear paleocon with a CIA/Cold Warrior background, he is also one of the main criminal figures in Iran-Contra (as well as being involved in the 1980’s program to arm Saddam; the first ‘October surprise’; and the extending of the Cold War through lying CIA estimates of Soviet power).  Iran-Contra was the first neocon attack on the United States.  It follows the model of cloaking Israeli partisan interests behind a façade of American Establishment interests.  Somehow the neocons, essentially the same group that now runs the Bush Administration, managed to convince otherwise sane and supposedly intelligent paleocons that it would be a good idea to break laws involving sale of arms to Iran in order to provide funding to break laws involving the providing of arms to the Contras.  The only beneficiaries of this wild scheme were Israel and some Israeli arms dealers.

You’ll remember that the end game for Wurmser’s Zionist Plan for the Middle East involves the break-up of Iraq, leading to the creation of a moderate Shi’ite state in Iraq, which will in turn influence Iran to become moderate (i. e., friendly to Israel), and eventually influence Shi’ite rebellion in the Saudi oil fields, finally leading to the control of Saudi oil by Zionist interests, thus removing the ‘oil weapon’ from the Arabs.  Just as the paleocons, for what seemed to them to be Establishment interests, were led by the nose by the neocons in Iran-Contra, the same thing appears to be happening in paleocon planning for Iraq.  The plan will involve some kind of partition of Iraq, exactly what Wurmser and his Israeli bosses want to see. 

This is not a new paleocon idea.  Gelb has been writing about it for years.  The devil will be in the details.  The neocons want American troops to stay in Iraq long enough so there will be no possibility of any kind of federal Iraqi state surviving.  The paleocons will want such a federal state, even a weak one, if only to ensure cooperation in moving oil (at least, what oil there is left to extract).  The Zionists still control Bush/Cheney, all the American media, and the entire Congress.  They can thus continue to throw roadblocks in the way of any sane paleocon plan.  It is still too early to say the neocon nightmare is over.

Old pals from twenty years ago Rummy and Saddam both had a bad week; old enemies from twenty years ago Gates and Daniel Ortega both had a good week.  The world is full of surprises.