Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Facts no longer on the ground

The Truth will set you Free proposes that the real target of the Beit Hanun massacre was the ancient mosque itself, and not the people around it.  The consistent Zionist plan has been to remove all physical evidence of historic Arab occupation of any part of Greater Israel:  buildings; archaeological sites; graveyards; public records, including records of land ownership (the last war crime particularly important these days, though of course all the settlements are illegal).  The most telling example is the destruction of an Arab graveyard in Jerusalem in order to build a museum of tolerance!  Yet another example of that famous Jewish sense of humor! 

In a weird sense, the Israeli excuse, that the civilian deaths were as a result of a ‘mistake’, may be true.  Purely to avoid bad PR (more ‘branding’ woes), the Israeli government would have preferred to destroy the mosque, and thus alter the ‘facts on the ground’, without actually killing innocent civilians as they slept.  The dead people simply got in the way of an operation to remove a strategic liability, and, as Zionists don’t believe Palestinians to be human beings – how else to explain how Zionists like Dershowitz and former Canadian Justice Minister Cotler can call themselves ‘human rights’ lawyers? – the deaths of some Untermenschen is a small price to pay to clear away some Arab rubble.