Saturday, November 25, 2006

Human Rights Watch versus Gandhi

The increasingly obvious Human Rights Watch has officially come out against the Palestinian use of peaceful non-resistance against the daily attacks of Israel.  It was becoming too effective, and had to be stopped.

Meanwhile, the Zionists have been kept busy rejecting not one, but two, peace proposals in recent days.   The first, put forward by Spain, France and Italy, was rejected because it was not co-ordinated with the EU or Israel (i. e., they didn’t say ‘Simon says’ before proposing it).  You'd think that a country supposedly preoccupied with ‘existential threats’ would jump at any peace plan, but you would be wrong.

The second proposal was from the Palestinians, who offered to stop firing rockets into Israel, if Israel ends attacks on Palestinians that have been justified on the basis of stopping the rocket attacks.  Sounds like a perfect plan, doesn’t it?  Needless to say, it was immediately rejected by Israel, no doubt loathe to give up its excuse for attacking Gaza.  Hundreds of Palestinians have died in the ‘counter-attacks’, and two Israelis have been killed by the rockets.  Needless to say, the Israeli deaths were all Americans saw in the mainstream media. 

The vicious anti-Semites have been reduced to proposing Gandhian non-resistance and peace plans, but the Zionists are valiantly fighting back.