Monday, November 20, 2006

Israel's real problem with Iran

From Seymour Hersh’s latest (my emphasis in red):

“Earlier this year, the government of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert created a task force to coördinate all the available intelligence on Iran. The task force, which is led by Major General Eliezer Shkedi, the head of the Israeli Air Force, reports directly to the Prime Minister. In late October, Olmert appointed Ephraim Sneh, a Labor Party member of the Knesset, to serve as Deputy Defense Minister. Sneh, who served previously in that position under Ehud Barak, has for years insisted that action be taken to prevent Iran from getting the bomb. In an interview this month with the Jerusalem Post, Sneh expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of diplomacy or international sanctions in curbing Iran:

The danger isn’t as much Ahmadinejad’s deciding to launch an attack but Israel’s living under a dark cloud of fear from a leader committed to its destruction. . . . Most Israelis would prefer not to live here; most Jews would prefer not to come here with families, and Israelis who can live abroad will . . . I am afraid Ahmadinejad will be able to kill the Zionist dream without pushing a button. That’s why we must prevent this regime from obtaining nuclear capability at all costs.”

Israel is like the alpha male in a herd of animals that can’t even tolerate the idea that there might be a challenger.  The logic of Zionist colonialism is that Israel always has to be the top dog;  if it loses that status, it disappears.  Therefore, whether Iran has a bomb, or doesn’t – and it’s clear that it doesn’t and is in no way close to having one – is completely irrelevant.  What is relevant is that there is a Middle Eastern leader who dares challenge the Zionist plans. All other Middle Eastern leaders, and the entire American government, including the new Democrat leadership, have been co-opted by the Zionists using various schemes.  In the Middle East, those schemes generally involve playing off Shi’ite-Sunni differences, or manipulating dictators through the insecurity of their respective holds over power.  Iran is a danger to Israel simply because it won’t play the Zionist games.  Since the entire concern over Iran’s bomb is phony, a ruse to disguise the more ethereal risk that Iranian testicular fortitude poses to Zionism, Americans have absolutely no strategic interest in playing Israel’s mind games concerning Iran.  Wise Americans know this, which is yet another reason why there won’t be an American attack on Iran.