Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rahm's wicked family

Rahm Emanuel is wicked enough, but he has two equally wicked brothers.

Ezekiel Emanuel argues against a universal health care system for Americans on the basis that it is un-American (those commie Canadians will put up with it, but Americans won’t), but proposes a doomed-to-fail voucher system in its place (one commentator has it right).  This is a similar technique to the intentional undermining of sensible health care proposed by Hillary back in the days that her husband pretended he was interested in a solution to the problem.  Wicked Rahm endorses wicked Ezekiel’s views, and since Rahm now runs the show, Americans can kiss the Canadian-style system, which they clearly prefer, goodbye.

Commentator kassandra points out that Rahm’s other brother, Ari, called for a Hollywood shunning of Mel Gibson (the only major agent to do so).  Ari, as commentator smekhovo tells us, is the agent for  .  .  .  comedic Islamophobe Sasha Baron Cohen.  The Borat movie received universal rave reviews in the mainstream press, but anecdotal evidence from those who have seen it is that it is not funny at all.  Is it possible that the reviews were ordered by the Jewish Billionaires Club as part of the Islamophobic campaign to help Israeli colonialism?

Ari also represents Michael Moore.  Remember Moore’s odd preoccupation with the Saudis in his Fahrenheit movie?  Remember how Moore’s support for Nader helped lead to a Republican victory?  Everything is starting to make sense.