Sunday, November 05, 2006

Save America, vote Republican

Save America, vote Republican:

  1. The neocons are turning on the Republicans because they realize their goal of holocaust in the Middle East is over if it is left in the hands of the Republicans.  The Establishment – you remember, the guys that Chomsky says rule the world – has awaken from its slumber, and taken back enough power to block any more insanity.  You can see this in the way the craven press has turned 180 degrees and is now actually writing articles ever so slightly critical of Bush and the neocons.  You can also see it in the disinclination of Bush to help Israel during its attack on Lebanon.  The stage was all set for an attack on Syria – the casus belli being that Hezbollah’s weapons were coming through Syria – but the Bush Administration steadfastly refused to take the bait.  Now, Mr Establishment himself, James Baker, is going to recommend that Syria and Iran be asked to help control the situation in Iraq.  Sacrilege and blasphemy!
  2. On the other hand, the Dems are still firmly inside the Lobby’s pocketbook, and will do anything – and I mean anything – they are told to do by the Lobby.  American Congressional approval of Israeli insanity, or even of further American wars – is much more likely with a Democrat-controlled Congress than it would be with a Republican-controlled Congress (an attack on Iran is still impossible, but an attack on Syria would be likely).  Ignoring the continuing power of the Lobby, and its disproportionate control of Democrats, could lead to a disaster. 
  3. The Democrats won’t do anything except pay lip service to investigating the Republican lies and corruption, partly because they participated in the lies and corruption, and partly because they will obey the Lobby instruction not to investigate.
  4. Obvious electoral fraud based on crooked computer voting machines is apparently the only way that Americans will get up off their asses and permanently fix their corrupt voting system.  Rigged Republican wins are necessary to restore American democracy, and save the next presidential election.

I have to add that blatant electoral fraud is one of the best ways to convince people of the superiority of conspiracy theory to the tired traditional forms of political analysis.