Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The virus finds a new host

The Israel Lobby and the Israeli agents/citizens which carry out its wishes – a group known as the neocons – are like a virus which causes a fatal disease.  Like any good virus, it has to find a new host before the old host dies, and thus we see a movement away from the Republicans and towards the Congressional Democrats.  How else do you explain a direct attack on the eve of an election on the very basis of the Republican campaign, that the Republicans are the only group that can handle the protection of the United States?  The neocons are claiming they were fooled into thinking that their remarks would not be released until after the election, but the attack on the Republicans was so unequivocal, and so politically damning, that they could not have expected that it would not leak out.

Christian Zionists control the computer voting machines, and thus the outcome of the election, so the neocons would know that a decision has been made not to fix the results for another Republican win.  It was probably determined that an obviously crooked election would preclude the use of the computer machines in the next Presidential election, and it is more important to save the machines to ensure the next President is the guy they want (probably Giuliani).  The determining factor was the reticence of the Bush Administration to become involved in the Lebanon attack,  a source of obvious fury in the neocon/Lobby ranks, and proof that the ‘Establishment’ – you know, the guys that Chomsky says rule the world – had taken back their traditional control over Republican policies, at least temporarily.  It thus became apparent that the Lobby could no longer count on the Republicans, a group that is prone to listen when moderate Arab leaders claim that further American outrages in the Middle East will lead to a massive revolution across the entire area, with predictable loss of Establishment wealth.

Of course, through the Christian Zionists, the Lobby still has Bush in its pocket.  The Lobby still controls all of the mainstream media.  The only problem is to ensure that Congress doesn’t get in the way of Wurmser’s plans to destroy the Middle East in aid of the creation of Greater Israel. The Democrats are much more firmly in the financial pocket of the Lobby than the Republicans are due to the fact that the Republicans have other major sources of funding.  As Stephen Zunes writes (Zunes is good if he’s not protecting the Lobby):

“. . . it should be remembered that it was the Democrats who controlled the Senate in the fall of 2002 when the Senate voted to authorize the invasion of Iraq. Majority leader Tom Daschle and assistant majority leader Harry Reid led the majority of their fellow Senate Democrats in voting to launch a war of aggression against a country that, despite their claims to the contrary, was no threat to the security of the United States. Already, leading Democratic senators like Hillary Clinton and Evan Bayh are pushing for another war, this time against Iran, even complaining that President Bush has put too much emphasis on diplomacy and that he was wrong to have allowed the Europeans to take the leadership in resolving the standoff over than country’s nuclear program.”

Rabbi Michael Lerner:

“Bush is unlikely to do anything dramatic to push Israel into ending the occupation of the West Bank or to creating a viable Palestinian state. There will be all kinds of statements that can be interpreted as distancing from Israel, but nothing in the way of real pressure. The Democratic Congress will be filled with AIPAC-influenced Democrats who want to protect Israel at all cost.”

The Lobby wants the United States to stay in Iraq until there is no chance of the country staying in one piece, which explains why the Democrats consistently run from an obvious winning anti-occupation position.  Whatever the Lobby wants, the Democrats will provide.

The neocons all started out as Democrats, and only moved into the Republican fold as part of the Israeli plan, created in the late 1970’s, to create a Christian Zionist/Republican government, sympathetic to the concept of an Israeli Empire, in the United States.  It is quite predictable that such a scheme would eventually wear out support for the Republicans, thus necessitating the Democrat fall-back position.  Bush, who has some kind of insane religious vision for the Middle East, will call for a war, the media will dutifully, as always, follow along, and the Democrats in Congress will do what the Lobby tells them to do.  The most obvious target is a renewed Israeli attack on Lebanon, this time involving Syria and direct American military help.  There have also been some hints of an attack on Egypt to retake the Sinai, on the bogus claim that Egypt isn’t protecting the border sufficiently to prevent the Palestinians in Gaza from rearming.  An American war against Egypt would be something to see.

The end of the neocons?  Hardly.  They are just getting started.