Sunday, November 19, 2006

We killed Jesus, we’ll kill you too!

I’ve long thought that the Israeli settler movement is the most evil group of people in the world (emphasis in red):

“A 19-year old Swedish human rights worker had her cheekbone broken by an Israeli settler in Hebron today. Tove Johansson from Stockholm walked through the Tel Rumeida checkpoint with a small group of human rights workers to accompany Palestinian schoolchildren to their homes. They were confronted by about 100 settlers in small groups, who started chanting in Hebrew ‘We killed Jesus, we’ll kill you too!’, a refrain the settlers had been repeating to internationals in Tel Rumeida all day.”

Settler humor!  I just wish some of the Christian Zionists who support these people were there to hear it, but I guess they are too busy taking meth and having gay sex.  There’s more:

“One settler then hit Tove on the left side of her face with an empty bottle, breaking it on her face and leaving her with a broken cheekbone. She immediately fell to the ground and the group of settlers who were watching began to clap, cheer, and chant. The soldiers, who had only watched until this point, then came forward and motioned at the settlers, in a way which the internationals described as ‘ok… that’s enough guys….’

The settlers, however, were allowed to stay in the area and continued watching and clapping as internationals tried to stop the flow of blood from the woman’s face. Some settlers who were coming down the hill even tried to take photos of themselves next to her bleeding face, giving the camera a ‘thumbs-up’ sign.”

This is the gesture now known as ‘doing a Lynndie’.  The story continues with the gory details, including, needless to say, that those settlers identified as responsible did not even have their names taken by the authorities.