Monday, November 27, 2006

ZOG, again

Nancy Pelosi’s no dummy.  She’s been outed as a crazed Zionist, so she can hardly go around placing other crazed Zionists in positions of power in order to finalize the Zionist Occupation Government.  Total Israeli control over America can’t be allowed to be that obvious.  Thus the head-fake over Murtha.  By pretending to support John Murtha as majority leader, she managed to have crazed Zionist Steny Hoyer installed without a hint of Pelosi fingerprints on the maneuver.  The American media bought the trick hook, line and sinker, describing the whole mess as a great embarrassment to her.  Ha!  A crazed Zionist would hardly want a staunch anti-Iraq-war guy like Murtha in power, even though Americans clearly voted for an anti-war position.  Who cares what the voters want, if Israel wants something different?  In one of the most bizarre instances in modern American political skullduggery, Murtha was disqualified because he was swiftboated as an alleged bribe recipient, on the basis of a videotape showing him refusing a bribe.  In all the confusion Hoyer slid in, and nobody noticed the feint.

Now we’re seeing the same game played with respect to the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. The obvious choice is Jane Harman, another rabid Zionist, but Pelosi has to keep her distance.  The mainstream media is again cooperating, by inventing some kind of dissent between Harman and Pelosi, although no one quite seems to be able to put their finger on it.  Of course, the topper is that Harman is under investigation for conspiring with AIPAC to have wealthy donors ‘encourage’ Pelosi to have Harman reappointed as the top Democrat on the committee, the position that now gives her dibs on the chairmanship!  The idea that these two are enemies, instead of joined-at-the-hip Zionists, is some kind of joke. To further the joke, Pelosi is reportedly considering Alcee Hastings for the job, a guy who was offered and accepted a bribe while he was a judge!  The joke alternative will fall away, and Harman will end up in place, as was always intended.  The conspirators are taking all possible efforts to appoint Harman while making it seem that Pelosi had nothing to do with it.

Don’t forget Rahm Emanuel, and Hillary and Schumer in the Senate, and the key Senate swing vote held by ultra-Zionist Lieberman.  How interested do you think (Jewish) Henry Waxman will be in investigating the causes of a war for Israel?  The ZOG is being installed piece by piece, and the United States is doomed to sink with Israel.