Monday, December 25, 2006

The Able Danger cover-up

The Senate Intelligence Committee has finished the Able Danger cover-up, concluding that Curt Weldon’s allegations of prior knowledge by military analysts of Atta were completely baseless.  As I have already described, it was necessary to dismiss Able Danger, and get rid of Weldon (not an accident that the guy who defeated him is a retired Navy vice admiral; don’t you think it odd that Weldon won with 59% of the vote in 2004, but lost in 2006, getting only 44% to the admiral’s 56%, all in a very conservative district?), as the implications of Weldon’s allegations undermined the entire Official Story of September 11.  It wasn’t incompetence in not following up on Atta; it was the fact that ‘Atta’s’ presence in the United States before he is supposed to have arrived means that ‘Atta’ can’t be the Egyptian student connected to the Hamburg cell, and thus the entire hijacking crew can’t be identified with Islamic terrorists.  They could be anybody, and almost certainly were a hired group of mercenaries, operating on the assumption they were just hijacking the planes.