Saturday, December 16, 2006

A few things

A few things:

  1. Excellent Gabriel Ash on the Zionist and Western misuse of the holocaust.  It has recently struck me that the never-ending German support for Israel may in fact be a manifestation of the German love of barbarity.  Political reasons mean that Germany can no longer attack its neighbors, so it lets out it frustration by financing an Israeli holocaust against the Arabs.  Ash notes that the horror of the Jewish holocaust is that a Western nation used sophisticated technology to kill white people living within its own borders.  That’s the horror of it.  Similar attacks against non-whites living elsewhere don’t even merit comment.  The Jews got to be the official victims of the West in order to pretend to be the unique victims of the West, thus hiding all the horrors that are happening elsewhere.
  2. Excellent Mike Whitney on the ongoing Lobby efforts to subvert American chances to get out from under the mess created by the Lobby-caused attack on Iraq and the Lobby-caused unstated American war against the Palestinians.  This is going to turn into a knock-down drag-out fight between Lobby interests and the old Establishment – you know, the guys Noam claims rule the world – interests, and there is absolutely no guarantee that sanity will prevail.  More on this later.
  3. Freakonomics notes that the Wall Street Journal can’t seem to get the name of Jimmy Carter’s book right, though it has no problems with the names of other books.
  4. A European meets some American fundies up close and personal, and can’t believe how crazy these people are.  I think that the fundies get away with murder just because the average normal person is incapable of comprehending the level of insanity present in millions of Americans.
  5. This collection of  snippets links Litvinenko’s pal, Mario Scaramella, to Robert S. Lady, the CIA agent accused of kidnapping Abu Omar in Milan for ‘rendition’ to a torture cell in Egypt.  Scaramella worked – with Lady as a consultant – on the Mitrokhin Commission attack against Prodi (engineered by Silvio Berlusconi), which is starting to look like part of a larger attack against Russia (as does the assassination of Litvinenko and subsequent blame game).  Lady may also have been involved in the Nigergate scandal, which would connect him to the Ledeen-neocon nexus.