Tuesday, December 05, 2006

House demolitions in the West Bank

Here we can see one of the relatively rare accounts of the ongoing Israeli war crime of house demolitions in the West Bank (see also here; of course resistance to war crimes, according to the colorfully but inaccurately named Human Rights Watch – unless the name is somebody’s idea of a sick joke, or unless they are watching to ensure nobody has any human rights –  is the real crime), part of the process of clearing out the vermin so that the Chosen People can have some Lebensraum.  This has been going on since 1967, under a number of excuses – sometimes bureaucratic and sometimes expressly collective punishment –  and sometimes no excuse at all, and it is abundantly clear, to anyone not consumed by tribal considerations, that house demolitions are a major part of a planned long-term program of politically acceptable ethnic cleansing.  Those who ‘stand for’ Israel are standing for a terrible series of crimes, and are as reprehensible as is the state of Israel itself.