Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It has taken almost a month, but the bureaucrats in the U. S. State Department have finally gotten around to authorizing their agents, a bogus human rights advocacy group known as ‘Human Rights Watch’, to (sort of) apologize for its outrageous November 22 Press Release in which it complained about the use of non-violent resistance by Palestinian civilians against war crimes being committed against them on a daily basis by the State of Israel.  The obvious intent of HRW was to remove any hope of any resistance by the Palestinians, thus leading to the ethnic cleansing desired by the Zionists.  HRW can quibble all it wants, but we all know that any legitimate advocates for human rights would never even dream of issuing an obscenity like the November 22 press release. 

HRW reminds me of the phony advocacy groups created by advertising agencies for large corporations.  These groups pretend to be ‘grass roots’ citizen advocacy groups, thus hiding their support for the corporate agenda (‘astroturfing’).  HRW takes appropriate positions on many issues, thus gaining credibility, but is notable in always following the U. S. State Department line.  As in the case of Reporters Without Borders, it is not worth the effort to attempt to sort the legitimate work from the State Department propaganda.