Monday, December 25, 2006

Metaphorical bulldozer

Toronto theater company CanStage, which was to have staged "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" in its coming season, has cancelled the play, obviously at the request of the Lobby.  I actually feel sorry for the artistic director, who announced that the play was on the schedule, innocently failing to take into account the awesome power, and Absolute Evil, of the Lobby.  He must have been reading too much Noam.  He is so terrified of the Lobby that he had to make up a ridiculous excuse for the cancellation.  Now, by censoring Rachel Corrie’s words, he is driving a metaphorical bulldozer.

The Zionists have a ‘Demographic Problem’ in Israel, and they have one here.  There are many more decent people than Zionists in Toronto, particularly amongst the theater-going community.  CanStage appears to be on the brink of insolvency.  If CanStage were to lose a significant number of subscribers over this outrage, it would send a clear message to artistic directors everywhere that there are dangers in kowtowing to the Lobby.