Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More bad faith from Israel

From Reuters:

“Israelis are puzzling over the prospect of peace with Syria after their two foreign intelligence agencies gave dramatically different assessments of recent diplomatic overtures from Damascus.

While the Mossad spy service said Syrian President Bashar Assad had no genuine interest in peace talks, Israel's Military Intelligence said it believed Assad was ready to negotiate if this leads to the return of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.”


“A poll published by the best-selling Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper over the weekend found that while 67 percent of Israelis think the Olmert government should respond to Syria's peace overtures, an almost equal number – 66 percent – would be opposed to giving up the Golan under a future peace accord.”

Remember this is the same trick pulled by Amos Gilad, who misinformed Clinton and Barak that Arafat wasn’t ready to agree to a deal at the 2000 Camp David summit, when his own intelligence showed just the opposite.  The difference is that it is now the Mossad that is lying, with the military arguing that a deal is possible.  Obviously, if Israel agrees to return the Golan Heights, Assad will agree to just about anything, so the conflicting Israeli views are the ‘realists’ versus the imperialists who don’t want to return any part of Greater Israel.

While the intelligence spinning is going on, Israel continues to try to spin the Palestinians, demonstrating such goodwill as returning some of the money Israel has stolen from them, and suddenly removing some of the checkpoints (you know, the ones that are sadly necessary for Israeli ‘security’).  All this in an effort to prop up the Palestinian Authority, which, unlike Hamas, has demonstrated its usual flexibility over collaborating with the enemy in return for access to corruption.  Hamas won’t go along with any part of Israel outside the 1967 borders, so it is vilified in the Zionist press and needs to be replaced in a new, completely unnecessary, election.  The Zionist manipulation is so obvious – and puts the lie to the proposition that the checkpoints have anything to do with security, proving that they are just another part of the Israeli ethnic cleansing program by making life intolerable for the Palestinians – that you have to wonder if the Palestinians will be fooled (they weren’t fooled the last time, which is how Hamas got elected).