Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No comparison

You probably should realize you’re doing something wrong when people engage in long debates whether you should be compared with Nazi Germany or Apartheid South Africa.  The German comparison is supposed to be somehow ironic, which I guess it would be if Israel was a victim of the Nazis, instead of their chief beneficiary. 

The comparison with South Africa is, frankly, odious.  Without giving the racist South Africans any credit whatsoever, there is no way that the Apartheid government can in any way be compared to the evil of the Israelis.  The South African government had separate beaches, but they didn’t drop bombs on families trying to take some comfort there.  They created bantustans, but they didn’t drop bombs on civilian houses in those bantustans, or fire tank shells at groups of school children.  They didn’t use their army to conduct long campaigns of violent mayhem against civilians, farms, infrastructure, and businesses.  They didn’t make up bogus reasons to attack the civilian population of their neighbors, and then try to insult our intelligence by claiming it was in ‘self-defense’.  They created one of the most immoral political systems in history, but they saw the writing on the wall and voluntarily gave up power and allowed for fair elections. Jimmy Carter’s use of the word ‘apartheid’ is, if anything, far too kind to the State of Israel. 

In the future, long after Israel commits suicide and disappears to Oklahoma, it will be used, like Nazi Germany or Apartheid South Africa, as one of the key cautionary examples of the evil and inhumanity that human beings are capable of.  It only singles itself out by the self-righteousness of its apologists.