Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Olmert pwnz Prodi

You have to wonder whether Israeli Prime Minister Olmert’s ability to tell Italian Prime Minister Prodi exactly what to say relates to the Mitrokhin Commission, the Berlusconi dirty tricks campaign against Prodi slurring him as a KGB agent, an effort involving Litvinenko’s pal, Mario Scaramella.  Blackmail of European leaders like Prodi would explain the bizarre European attitude towards the Middle East, following the Zionist line even though it is clearly both immoral and against European self-interest (not to mention angering a large number of Muslim voters in Europe).  The battle lines would be:

  • Jewish Billionaries Club (especially those thieves hiding from Russian justice in London and Israel)
  • Berlusconi (and employee Scaramella), with CIA, or rogue-CIA, ties
  • Israeli government
  • neocons


  • Russia and Putin (the Litvinenko assassination was part of the wider plot)
  • Prodi and other European leaders (under an Israeli-oriented blackmail campaign)
  • Europeans
  • Palestinians

Berlusconi is in the United States, ostensibly for medical treatment (as if they don’t have cardiologists in Italy, and a pacemaker operation requires American know-how; note the peculiar message from Prodi to Berlusconi), but he may find the time to sneak off to some Jewish Billionaries Club/neocon meetings.