Thursday, January 18, 2007

Anti-Saudi ranting

This anti-Saudi rant (found via Wot Is It Good 4), from a writer who is popular with some, is ridiculous.  A British arms company provided kick-backs to some Saudi royals, and Tony Blair is rushing to stop an investigation.  The writer describes this as Saudi blackmail, then makes the usual Zionist unsupported allegations about Saudi support for terrorism, and then raises the non-sequitur of BCCI (you’ll note that the one country not mentioned in the long quote on BCCI is  . . . Saudi Arabia).

The Saudis have been the best friend the West could ever possibly have, always stepping into the breach to ensure reliable and cheap provision of hydrocarbons.  God knows, they have their faults – personal corruption and trying to run a medieval society in the 21st century are just two of them – but to describe Blair’s actions as the result of blackmail is ludicrous.  Blair is stopping the investigation to protect Blair and the British elites.  If there is any concern for the Saudis it would more accurately be described as returning an enormous series of favors rather than blackmail.

I have been guilty of swallowing the Zionist line on the Saudis, but time and more information should have allowed us all to see that there is no evidence to support the idea that the Saudi government supports terrorism.  The Saudi government is terrified of terrorism.  The fact that individual Saudis may support terrorism does not damn the entire country, any more than the fact that individual Britons support terrorism damns all of Great Britain.  The fact that individual Saudi citizens were involved with BCCI doesn’t make Saudi Arabia guilty (but the fact that CIA was heavily involved in BCCI does make the American government complicit).  For some reason, the best friend the West has is the only country for which any and all pot shots are allowed.

Kick-backs on military contracts appear to be the norm, even in third-world countries like the United States (remember Duke Cunningham?).  All Middle Eastern states are notorious for it, and I doubt the Saudis care very much if more evidence of it is produced.  It is the British payors of kick-backs who should be nervous, and that is who Blair is trying to protect.

I’m noticing more and more a rift between what I read and what is generally considered to be the ‘Best of the Web’ by the ‘Alternative Politics’ crowd.  This kind of rant is an example of the division.