Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blogging while sick

I’ve got a cold, so I want to run through a lot of stuff fast:

  1. Conrad Black appears to be trying some kind of defense based on Veblen, the idea that the shareholders benefited from his (alleged) pilfering as they could bask in the reflected glory of his, and his wife’s, conspicuous consumption.
  2. The best single thing the world could do to reduce suffering, particularly in Africa, is to greatly restrict the trade in small arms.  I can hear the screams from the U. S. gun lobby already.
  3. If you read this story about Jeffrey Epstein carefully, he appears to be using his supposed expertise in money management as a front for Robert Maxwell money, and/or Leslie Wexner money (Wexner is on the boycott list as a supporter of Zionism).
  4. After agribusiness greed gave us the mad cow (by saving a bit of money by feeding animals to animals), agribusiness will now rescue us from the mad cow by forcing us to eat frankenfoods, as they tell us frankenfoods are prion-free.   Our natural aversion to eating cloned animals will be trumped by our natural aversion to eating mad cows.  Isn’t capitalism wonderful?