Monday, January 29, 2007

Bloomfield archive material

I mentioned in passing that the papers of Louis Mortimer Bloomfield were being exceptionally withheld from the public, beyond the twenty year period after his death specified by Bloomfield himself, by the Archives of Canada.  The researcher who requested access, Maurice Philipps, has gone to court, and the court ruled that the basis on which access was denied, the desire of Bloomfield’s widow, had no basis in law, and put the decision back to the chief archivist (who will have a lot of nerve – and should be fired – if he comes up with another reason to withhold access).  The story is reported here (if you hit a subscription wall, the story is reprinted here; see also here).

Bloomfield was connected.  He was a senior partner in one of the leading Canadian law firms.  His most important client was the Bronfman family (now headed by Edgar Bronfman, Sr., president of the World Jewish Congress), a family which made its famous fortune – still huge, despite the fact that Edgar Bronfman Jr.’s business dealings resulted in the loss of the largest amount of money that anyone has ever lost in recorded history – breaking American laws during Prohibition (oddly enough, JFK’s father was another gangster who made his fortune in the same way).  Bloomfield had been a Major in the Canadian Army during the Second World War, and worked with William Stephenson (“Intrepid”), who ran British intelligence in the Western Hemisphere during the war.  The whole history of what Stephenson actually did is hopelessly muddled, largely by Stephenson’s own web of disinformation (this self-created confusion is part of the legacy which Stephenson left to intelligence agencies).  Stephenson’s model of a spy agency became the basis the Americans used to set up the OSS (in fact, Churchill sent Stephenson over to teach the Americans what to do, not to mention create a Britain-friendly agency in the United States at a time when it was still neutral and not yet tricked into the war, and part of what Stephenson was up to was to ensure the Americans ended up in the war through manipulation of American media figures).  The OSS later became the CIA. 

Bloomfield was the main nominal shareholder of, as well as a director of, the infamous Permindex, possibly a CIA front (allegedly also used in the attempted assassination of de Gaulle, but the allegations against Permindex remain thin, with some claiming the entire Permindex story was Soviet propaganda).  Another director was Clay Shaw, which is how Bloomfield is mentioned in JFK assassination theories.  On top of everything else, Bloomfield was a leading member, in its earliest days, of the International Zionist Cabal.  You can read some even hairier things on the internet, things which make Bloomfield out to be a key player in the biggest of all conspiracy theories (see here – scroll down to the photocopy of a page from a Dutch book – and read the caption to the first line of five photos here, including bin Laden’s mysteriously killed brother, for some of the flavor).  I doubt you’ll find any of this in the papers he handed over to the Canadian Archives, but it would still be nice to see them.