Friday, January 05, 2007

Harriet Beecher Carter

The fact that Jimmy Carter is allowed to appear on the mainstream media and mention Israel and apartheid in the same sentence is something of a miracle, and represents a sea change in the representation of Israel in the United States (of course, as I’ve mentioned before, this comparison is unfair  . . .  to the white South Africans).  Until recently, you’d be more likely to see hard-core porn on the American mainstream media than you would be able to obtain a smidgeon of truth about Israel.  Now that the American Establishment – you know, the guys Noam says rule the world – have belatedly awakened to the fact that they are on the verge of losing trillions of dollars due to American official support for the racist tribal policies of the Zionists who run Israel and have taken over the American government, the taboo on truth about Israel has been ordered to be at least partially lifted.

Will Carter’s book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”, become the “Uncle Tom's Cabin” of the Palestinian people?  It is commonly acknowledged now that the American Civil War was fought primarily for economic reasons, while justified on the moral grounds of eliminating slavery.  Popular uprisings in the Middle East, caused largely by the control of the American government by Zionists (culminating in the ZOG comprising Bush and the Zionist-controlled Democrats), will cost the American Establishment much of its wealth, making it necessary to solve the Zionist problem by putting Israel in its (small) place and finally granting the Palestinians a state in the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip (a square inch less won’t solve the problem).  Justifying the protection of the contents of your wallet by doing the ‘right thing’ will require a new emphasis on the injustice that racist tribal Zionism is doing to the Palestinians, and to Arabs and Muslims generally.

Now you are called a ‘racist’ if you even dare to mention the obvious facts about the ZOG and its horrible effects on Arabs and Muslims around the world (in my view, criticizing anti-Zionists as racists for complaining about Israel and its American supporters is like calling critics of Nazi Germany anti-Aryan; in the long run the true anti-racists will be acknowledged as such, and the casters of aspersions which serve to protect oppressors will be known as the real racists).  It will be interesting to see whether criticisms of Zionism and Israel suddenly become fashionable in American life.