Saturday, January 06, 2007

Health care costs explained in full

From a letter to the editor by Corky Evans, former British Colombia Minister of Health, on the question of expenditures on medical technology, an index much used by right-wingers to rank health care systems:

“‘So doctor,’ I asked, ‘they are still dying out there, aren’t they? What is it they are dying of if it isn’t trauma and disease?’

And he said ‘Alienation. Alienation is the plague of our time. The people have lost the sense of where they came from and whom they belong with and where they might be going and with whom. They are alienated from their experience and alienation is a medical condition. It makes a vacuum in their lives that they self-medicate. They self-medicate with eating too much, with drugs, with dangerous sex or risky behaviour or alcohol or overwork or with any of a multitude of behaviours that kill them. They are dying of their self-medication from the plague of alienation. We cannot cure this problem with technology.’”