Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Someone apparently forgot to tell Shell

Someone apparently forgot to tell Shell about the ‘inevitable’ war with Iran.  But hey, what the hell would Shell know?

If there is an American attack on Iran (which there won’t be), it will be the first world war where the initiator was goaded into it by ‘progressives’ pretending to try to stop it.  The neocon plan has always been to make the impossible seem possible, and then inevitable.  They do this by constantly harping on the issue  (that’s why they will lie about the facts but never about their intentions and desires).  They have no better friend than American ‘progressives’ (who, as I have already noted, have been completely infiltrated by Zionists).  Carefully consider the motives of ‘anti-war’ types who are really pushing for war while pretending to be against it.